Not So Fast…

It totally figures.  Finally, you realize that you’re not thinking about What Happened every waking minute or even every other waking minute.  In fact, you can’t quite remember the last time you were even experiencing angst or fury or vengeful thoughts or anything like that.  You know…maybe the healing is…could it possibly be? Over?

Heh.  Don’t count on it, because the minute you think you are out of the woods you have forgotten to look down and see that you are ankle-deep in poison ivy, translated?  You have a dream that your husband is holding you in his arms and telling you that he couldn’t resist the O.W. because she was just so incredibly scrumptuous.


Yeah, then you wake up and come out to the kitchen and there is coffee and news and a perky husband so you forget about that dream for a few minutes until the coffee and the morning news begin to sink in, the switch flips and you remember you are mad at him.

Obviously, the dream was a dream, but the is a kernel of truth to whatever birthed that dream, anxiety, fear, loathing…that indeed, the O.W. was too scrumptuous to keep someone from remembering that they were married.  They made a promise.  They broke it and…let’s just say it turns out to be a good year for fine jewelry.

Glittering jewelry or not, your karma is still wrinkled until it’s not and that’s just the way it is.

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3 Responses to Not So Fast…

  1. Glo says:

    Hmmm…I know another married woman that’s having some nightmares of her own! Yeah…takes a loooong time, if ever, I reckon. Hang in there!

  2. BuckeyeWife says:

    I had a strange dream Friday night. In it, my husband said, “You just never asked the right questions,” and then told me about getting oral sex from a prostitute. What?!!! Ok, the prostitute part certainly wasn’t true, but I think my mind is trying to tell me that I haven’t asked all of the right questions yet. I feel like there is some little nugget of truth that he has withheld from me.

    The jewelry comment is funny. I was just thinking that maybe I’d like a new ring for my right hand. When I look at my left, I have a bittersweet feeling. Maybe it’s time for a little something on the other hand.

  3. Lyn says:

    I’m sure your mind is trying to get you to resolve some of your discomfort by bringing up the point. Exactly what is it that you want to know? The Vaughns talk about how important it is for full disclosure and my husband says that although he resisted it, at first, he feels that being wide open to my questions regardless of how hard the answers would be for me. Knowing is so much better than wondering.



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