christy writes:

The father of my son cheated (actually turns out he was leading a double life). I tried to forgive him several times to try and keep our family together but he never changed, seemed remorseful and when I would not tolerate the lies and continued relationship with the woman he cheated with he ran back to her. I’m OK with that because I know I do not want to be in a relationship with him. The hard part for me is that my son is only 2 years old and he spends half of his time with his dad and the other woman. They have taught him to call her mommy, he sleeps in their bed. It seems he spends much of his time with her, not his dad. It just hurts and I am really having a hard time letting go of half of my sons life, especially knowing the other half is with them. How do I get through this? Every time we exchange it hurts. The stories of their family vacations hurt. Every time he says her name, it hurts. I don’t want to be with him at all, it isn’t that, it’s losing the time with my son and my dream of family. I want to move on and be happy, just haven’t been able to ‘not care’ and be triggered constantly back to all of the pain of his infidelity & lies when it is constantly thrown in my face. I would love to hear how other women have dealt with the other woman raising her kids.



Lyn says:

Christy, you may be able to find others in your situation at

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