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The Solidarity of Our Pain

“We each are suffering our own individual train wrecks, but when stepping back you see they are all, indeed, train wrecks and many common themes. ” –  Sarah, affair survivor Have you ever felt such pain?  I don’t care if … Continue reading

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I Need To Tell Someone

It’s the morning after…you know what’s happened. The sun still rises, the kids still run down for breakfast, the dog is doing the “I have to pee” dance of joy, the milk gets spilled, the cat throws up, the husband…will … Continue reading

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Fear, An Awful Place to Visit

I’ve been living in fear.  Fear is not a mood, but it’s a true mood-killer.  It’s there like a hellish foundation of all that is horrible and terrifying.  It’s accompanied by dread, something which gives the fear some strength, backbone, … Continue reading

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How I Am, Really

“So how are you really?” asks my friend, Jeannie, as she leans in towards me at the restaurant. That is such a difficult question to answer. Aside from feeling occasionally schizophrenic, specifically, several times a day, I mostly feel numb. … Continue reading

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