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Why? How Could I?

Trish asked these questions in comments. My wife also asked the same “why” and “how could you” questions.  I don’t know that you’ll ever get a “satisfactory answer,” because there is no answer that will make you say, “Oh, OK … Continue reading

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A Dedication to Peggy Vaughan – Founder of BAN by Ann Bercht

“I, and thousands of others, will be eternally grateful for Peggy Vaughan and her bold, honest and pioneering work in helping the world recover from affairs. If only I had found her during my own recovery, my journey would’ve been less painful. … Continue reading

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“The Need to Know” – Why we need answers to our questions by Peggy Vaughan

When learning of our partner’s affair, most of us feel an intense “need to know” – asking questions to try to make some kind of sense out of what has happened. Read Peggy’s article here, at the Beyond Affairs Network

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Peggy Vaughan’s work: “Read it all. It’s all you need.”

A comment on “Extramarital Affairs Expert “Dear Peggy” Vaughan has passed.” I read thirty books before I came to Peggy’s. There I stopped. It was all there, no need to go further. As a matter of fact, her rational straightforward and … Continue reading

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The Patraeus Affair and Secrets

As the Patraeus affair remains newsworthy, at least, to the moronic media, we, here, at our house have barely mentioned it.  We don’t watch much broadcast news, here, at home, although Husband gets more than plenty since he is in … Continue reading

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The Solidarity of Our Pain

“We each are suffering our own individual train wrecks, but when stepping back you see they are all, indeed, train wrecks and many common themes. ” –  Sarah, affair survivor Have you ever felt such pain?  I don’t care if … Continue reading

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Husband Speaks

I am Lyn’s husband and I had an affair.  I cheated on my wife.  Depending on where you are in your journey, you might feel that there isn’t anything I could say that would interest you. I would suppose that … Continue reading

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