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Peggy Vaughan’s work: “Read it all. It’s all you need.”

A comment on “Extramarital Affairs Expert “Dear Peggy” Vaughan has passed.” I read thirty books before I came to Peggy’s. There I stopped. It was all there, no need to go further. As a matter of fact, her rational straightforward and … Continue reading

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Husband Speaks

I am Lyn’s husband and I had an affair.  I cheated on my wife.  Depending on where you are in your journey, you might feel that there isn’t anything I could say that would interest you. I would suppose that … Continue reading

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Introduction – You Can Burn His Stuff Later

Letters and answering them have brought to my attention the need for a little guidance when slapped in the face by discovery of an affair.  I was in shock, for weeks, let alone the next day or the first week.  Paralyzed, actually, … Continue reading

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Author and Extramarital Affairs Expert, “Dear Peggy” Vaughan Passes

Dear Survivors,      Two days ago, I received an email from James Vaughan, husband of Peggy Vaughan, via Dear Peggy’s mailing list.  Author and extramarital affairs expert linked to from this blog, Peggy passed from this life into the … Continue reading

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Where We Are, What’s Next

I owe an apology to my readers for taking so long to update this blog.  A year and a half since I last posted?  I can’t believe it. Where has the time gone? Gratefully, that time, or precious little of … Continue reading

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Fifteen Months In

Fifteen months into this unexpected, unwelcome hot mess thrown into my lap.  November and December were pretty rough, I have to admit, with the anniversary of the day of discovery, compolicated by some unrelated health and family issues, December, indeed, … Continue reading

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Coming Home

It’s fitting that I am writing this as I take the train home.  Going home, is by the best of accounts, returning to a place warm and comfortable, feeling joy. The experts say that it takes at least two years … Continue reading

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