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“I’ve always said, it’s not conflict which kills a marriage;  it’s unresolved conflict.” The concept of any decisions needing to be made confronted me by way of my closest guy friend, someone I’ve known fornearlyever. I spilled my guts and he reacted, … Continue reading

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The Comfort of Laura

When I first learned of the affair, I told 2 people very close to me, both of whom were furious with anger.  One was female, the other male; people who have known me all or most of my life. When … Continue reading

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The Dilemma, Case Closed?

  I feel like a slacker not having updated since I wrote “A Dilemma.” That dilemma was such a major part of my life throughout much of the past 6 months, a giant wall between myself and other people.  You’d … Continue reading

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A Dilemma

I noticed a message on my phone and checked the voice mail.  It was a message from my sister-in-law, Husband’s brother’s wife. Brother’s  Wife and I have been good friends over the years and have gotten closer, as have Other … Continue reading

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  On the days reality bites like a cold mackerel across the face, or better yet, the sting of a hard slap on a wet behind and I feel a little hatred for my husband, I tell someone else.  This … Continue reading

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I have a fantasy where I grab the O.W. by the hair and forcefully shave a random pattern through her dark roots with unfettered delight. I imagine she struggles, but can’t break free.  I see her in her blue turtleneck … Continue reading

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How I Am, Really

“So how are you really?” asks my friend, Jeannie, as she leans in towards me at the restaurant. That is such a difficult question to answer. Aside from feeling occasionally schizophrenic, specifically, several times a day, I mostly feel numb. … Continue reading

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