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The Odd Bad Day

It’s been so long since I’ve had a bad day that I’ve forgotten when the last one was.  I hit a couple of rough patches in June and July, but August was a welcome time of shift in focus and … Continue reading

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Recovery Is For Both

Things are painful enough that I decided to go back to The Source, Peggy Vaughan, to see if I could find some help.  Why I didn’t do this sooner?  Who knows, but as I wrote in an email to Peggy, … Continue reading

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It Takes As Long As It Takes

Someone said that it’s not conflict that’s bad for a relationship, but, unresolved conflict which takes a mighty toll.  I know, now, that’s the bottom line in a previous relationship, even though there were a number of other factors raging at … Continue reading

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I hate surprises and triggers qualify as surprises of the worst category.  One can be flipping channels and bump into shows entitled, “Why Men Cheat,” or be browsing the news and see headlines telling of how another couple is broken … Continue reading

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